Bilawal 2017 Free Self Defense Class


make sure you look at the <SYNCHRONIZE> tab and<MIXED MARTIAL ARTS> tab watch the videos with sound, and read my ABOUT ME page

Im on 34th street midtown in new york.

In this class i teach 1 on 1 the physical conditioning required to perform certain strikes and grappling moves that are effective 100% in real time situations standing against a threat on the street. Rule #1 is never to be in the situation in the first place but when you are in the situation you must know what to do.

I guide you through situations repetitively and mentally prepare you to deal with any obstacle you will face as accurate as possible because even a quarter of a second counts.

Breaking: Wood, Concrete, Bricks, Metal

imagine what i was like in 2013, i bet you can’t wait to see 2017 fully.


Pakistan/USA Olympic trials Boxing in 2020


On 25th March 2015 i got hit with a car while i was walking from the gym to gnc. I’m basically healed up to the point i can spar and perform things at the same and much higher level only problem is that that injury delayed a year of my progress and inserted stress and i have to live with the injury for the rest of my life even if it heals up. I’m ready to compete again at a professional level in Mixed martial arts and Boxing and other competitions.

Donate to go to Pakistan in 2020 to compete in Olympic trials for Pakistan and then against Asia and then the world. 

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I will fight in 2020 for America and if I don’t make the team then Pakistan I’m already qualified for. Hope to fight for America in 2020 and win gold medal 🙂

Thank you

Bilawal Nadeem

call – 646-626-2501 (cell Phone)

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you can also donate here for my school that I will make in a busy city

it will teach the healing techniques of the body in a language easy for humans to understand as well as self defense the art of defending your self. Not attacking.